This was a horror map I worked on for a few months, it won second place in VRChat's 2018 Halloween contest. All of the models, textures, and even sound effects were made by me. In the map, monsters attack you that can only be seen by their shadows...
Sound Effects
Every single sound effect in the map was synthesized to make it feel alien and unnatural. I ended up using a bit crushed style throughout the map. Most of the sounds were made with Ableton Live and a bunch of VSTs. The monster sounds were made with an Arturia Microbrute.
The Duck Pond
The Duck Pond is a spinoff map that acts more as a spooky hangout area. It's made specifically to be optimized for mobile, it performs great on the Oculus Quest. It's always under 15 draw calls, the poly count is under 25k, and it's under 4mb!
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