Felix is a character I made for a series pitch (which is still a WIP).
Behind the Scenes
These were the first images of Felix. I had an idea of what I wanted, and drew the first image. I wasn't satisfied though, so I tried drawing some different ideas on a whiteboard, and I ended up with the second image. Then, I did a partial turnaround, the third image.
I drew a few more images of Felix. I eventually thought that I should give him clothes. Felix is the shy and insecure type, so I thought a hoodie would be the best fit for him. After a few attempts, I ended up with his current outfit. I drew a few more pictures of him to figure out the full design.
The next step was to make Felix in 3D! I used Maya and ZBrush to model him. Some changes were made in the process, mostly with the head. His face is rounder, and his ears curve more. Mari was used to texture him, and I rigged him in Maya.
I designed and created this for myself to use as an avatar in the game VRChat and other places. I used Maya LT and Substance Painter.
This was a VRChat avatar commission for user Caddzilla. He wanted a nomad robot character. In VRChat, you can upload custom 3D characters. I designed the character with some input from Caddzilla, and modeled, textured, rigged, and set it up on my own. Made with Maya LT and Substance Painter.
Goo Man
Goo Man was originally made in 2D for the program "Adobe Character Animator" which can use your webcam to animate 2D characters with motion capture. I live streamed on twitch as this character. Later, I started playing VRchat which allows you to upload custom 3D characters. I modeled, textured, and rigged Goo Man in 3D, so I could use him in VRchat.
Vaccy was a commission for a player in the game VRchat. In VRchat, you can upload custom 3D characters. Vaccy is a roomba gone sentient. I designed, modeled, textured, and rigged the character with some input from the player. Made with Maya LT and Substance Painter.
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